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Realizzazione box e autorimessa (10)Building works


Building works as walling up, floor laying, coating, waterproofing are our starting point. Our good work is the base for a good renovation which lasts long. Our company is also able to build structures and loftsby starting from external projects of qualified professionals.

impianto pannelli a pavimentoInstallations

In renovation or in extraordinary maintenance of sewage water installation, heating, air conditioning, gas installation, ventilation systems made by our company, by following a project prepared by the buyer.We are able to carry out certified work according to the new regulations "DPR 42/2012" which establishes the Italian ministry of the Environment and the protection of the territory and the sea, the national electronic register of people and companies certified.


impianti elettrici2Electrical and electronic


We realize electric and special systems as sound-diffusers, gas leak detectors, interphones and video entry phones, or whatever else is required for extraordinary renovation or maintenance.We are able to set up and follow the bureaucratic planning about offices or industrial settlements renovation , in accordance with current legislation

Finishing works

controsoffitto e decoro (4)

Finishing works as frames, interior and exterior painting and wooden floor layingdistinguish a good job from a bed one. So, our efforts are particularly focused on finishing works. Attention for details is our satisfaction.