ristrutturazione abitazione civile  (5)FINANCE APPLICANTS
Italian Citizens and Citizens belonging to the European Community resident in Italy. Non-Community Citizens with 3 years of permanent residence in Italy and two with the same domicile and 2 years of working seniority and / or the same employer.

Employees, employees, retired, professionals, self-employed, condominium.

Minimum 18 years – maximum 76 years at the time of extinction of the loan.

– funding request form;
– copy of valid identity document and tax code; for non-EU citizens, it is also necessary to collect the residence permit in addition to urgency.
– declaration of start of work signed by the customer for clearance

– Employees: last paycheck:
– Retired: retirement or Mod “0” bis;
– Self-employed workers: UNICO model with IRPEF payment.
– For the financing of the condominium the documentation to be submitted will be;
1. Application form for financing the condominium and signed by the administrator;
2. Photocopy of a valid identity card and tax code;
3. Copy commission or appropriate document attesting the purchase of the product signed by the administration of the condominium (work estimates);
4. It deliberates from the assembly, which clearly states the authorization by the condominium in favor of the administration to undertake the subscription of the loan on behalf of the condominium
5. Consolidated Balance Sheet to Condominiums. For this kind of financing it is mandatory to subscribe to the c / c automatic charge (RID) clause on the c / c headed for the condominiumio.

minimum 12 months – maximum 144 months for photovoltaic plants and solar thermal and photovoltaic plants sold jointly. Minimum 6 months – maximum 60 months for solar thermal systems only.

Fino al 100% dell’acquisto. Minimo 1000 Euro massimo 55,000 Euro.

Monthly through the R.I.D module or postal bulletin.

Depending on the financial plans chosen.

Tax due; such a charge of 14.62 euros for loans up to 18 months will be required directly to the customer by increasing the amount of the first installment. Funds with a duration of more than 18 months are subject to a substitute tax of 0.25% of the capital invested.