Energy Performance Certificate

APE 2015

APE 2015

The 3 new decrees for the implementation of the law 90 will come into force on 1 October 2015.
And the changes will be remarkable, from the new APE 2015 to the new minimum requirements that buildings will have to possess. New, minimum energy performance standards are being introduced that new buildings and those undergoing major renovations will have to reach. New technical reporting schemes 10 are also defined.

The Decree Minimum Requirements defines the new modes of calculating the energy performance and the new minimum efficiency requirements for new buildings and those undergoing renovation.

The decree guidelines define the new rules for the drafting of the EPA (Energy Performance Certificate).

The technical report decree defines the technical design report templates, adapting them to the new regulatory framework, depending on the different types of works:

  • new constructions
  • major renovations
  • energy re-qualifications.

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