CIL and CILA, Permission to build and SCIA


This article provides a summary of when the CIL and CILA models are to be used, and what is the region-region situation, and what are the ones that resolved, in keeping with the regulatory requirements. Apulia is one of those that has already been put in place.
The CIL model must be presented when performing free construction work such as:
– realization of temporary works (to be removed within 90 days)
– realization of paving and finishing works of external spaces
– installation of solar or photovoltaic panels
– installation of single wind generators with a height not exceeding 1.5 meters and a diameter not exceeding 1 meter
– realization of works for the furnishing of the relevant parts of the buildings
– realization of non-profit play areas

The CILA model must be presented instead when performing:
– extraordinary maintenance work not involving structural parts
– fractionation or aggregation of real estate units without change of use and without volume increase