Energy Performance Certificate

The 3 new decrees for the implementation of the law 90 will come into force on 1 October 2015. And the changes will be remarkable, from the new APE 2015 to the new minimum requirements that buildings will have to possess. New, minimum energy performance standards are being introduced that new buildings and those undergoing…


SCIA, without the condominium approval

CONDOMINIUM Permit to build or SCIA, what if there is no condominium approval Free way to permit construction, even though there is no condominium consent! This was reiterated by the judges of the Tar of Salerno, with the judgment 1409. Ristrutturazioni Bari


Tax on air conditioners

This is a novelty that has been introduced in Italy already in 2014 in line with European environmental protection standards and which entails the obligation for holders of summer air conditioning systems (including classic air conditioners) with a power rating of more than 12 kW, to subject them to periodic checks. Guida da scaricare Ristrutturazioni…


65% deductions : send to ENEA

Failure to produce the receipt of documentation to Enea does not compromise the 65% deductions for the energy upgrading of buildings, if the execution of the works and the related expenses are demonstrable. To clarify it is the Regional Tax Commission of Lombardy with Judgment no. 853 of 10 March 2015. Restructuring Bari Visiona. Read…


The Agency Circular n. 17/E/2015

The Agency Circular n. 17/E/2015 addresses and clarifies various interpretative issues regarding tax deductions, deductible charges, employee income tax and indirect taxes on: – health costs – education expenses – restoration of building heritage, renovation – deductibility of mortgage interest and transfer abroad – deduction for the purchase of furniture and succession – tax credit…


APE Energy Certification

REGIONE PUGLIA APE Energy Certification: Once again, the rules for energy certification change. Important changes from the new APE model to the new minimum requirements for buildings. Recall that already on 2 October last year, the calculation of energy performance has undergone a major change due to the new UNI TS 11300 Part 1 and…


CIL and CILA, Permission to build and SCIA

REGIONE PUGLIA This article provides a summary of when the CIL and CILA models are to be used, and what is the region-region situation, and what are the ones that resolved, in keeping with the regulatory requirements. Apulia is one of those that has already been put in place. The CIL model must be presented…